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About the Student Community Partnership

Aims of the Student Community Partnerhsip:

  • To promote excellent two-way relationships between Higher Education (HE) students and other members of the local communities in Bath and North East Somerset
  • The Student Community Partnership provides a framework for joint working between the Universities in Bath and North East Somerset, their Student Unions and the Council, on matters which affect the relationship between students and the local community

The Pupose of the partnership:

1. To promote the positive contribution students and the universities make to the community of Bath and North East Somerset.

2. To assist all organisations develop Policy, particularly with respect to transport and housing.

3. To provide the Universities and their Student Unions with opportunities to work with local residents for the benefit of the wider community.

4. To provide information and support to enable students to integrate into the wider community in Bath and North East Somerset.

5. To encourage longer term residents to engage with students and the universities.

6. To challenge any unfounded discrimination against students by the wider community.

7. To provide a mechanism for any community complaints of ASB from student residents or longer term residents to be resolved informally with mediation in the first instance.

SCP Structure Chart




There are a range of social, cultural and economic benefits that a University and its student population contribute to a town. Some examples are listed below:

Employment:The Universities are amongst the largest employers in the Bath & North East Somerset area, employing a total number of 3535 staff between them.

Education:Together the Universities offer a wide range of lifelong learning opportunities such as undergraduate, postgraduate, research and foundation degrees as well as language and arts courses and free public lectures. Both Universities run widening participation activities to encourage members of the local community to take up higher education opportunities. This ranges from partnership work with local colleges, mentors for local school children and open days for mature students.

Volunteering:Within the past year approximately 2416 students have been involved in some kind of volunteering between the two Universities. Some of this includes working with the local community on one day events, medium and longer term projects as well as fundraising for local charities and organisations.

Leisure & Culture: There are a wide range of sports facilities, performances, exhibitions, talks, workshops and classes that are open to the general public. Please see the below links for further information:



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