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Fatal Distraction

Students have historically been proven to be at high risk of being victims of fire.
There are many reasons for this; late night cooking after a night out (often when the students have been drinking, which affects their reactions and decision-making), smoking, burning candles, or simply becoming distracted and forgetting that something has been left on the stove or under the grill.
In a recent survey, two-thirds of the second, third and fourth year students who were interviewed said that they, or somebody they knew, had had experience of a fire or of setting off a smoke alarm while living at university.
Despite this, further research indicated a complacency among students, a feeling that disastrous events are something that happen to other people. It's a "it will never happen to me" mentality.
Statistics show that more than half of all house fires start in the kitchen. Many of these involve students coming home from a night out, often drunk, who then put something under the grill and fall asleep while it is cooking, or who are otherwise distracted.

Watch Fatal Distraction produced by Avon Fire and Rescue.


Make sure river water isn't your last drink

You may not realise it, but at least once a month firefighters from Avon Fire & Rescue Service are called to rescue people from waterways.

Although we're here to help, we're keen to prevent these type of accidents occurring in the first place.

A combination of research and experience suggests that many of those who need our help have been drinking alcohol.  During the warm weather particularly, people may be out by the water, drinking alcohol.

Please be aware Rivers, canals and open water can present a real danger if you've had a drink. The water can be extremely cold, and added to the effects of alcohol, can dramatically affect the reactions of even the strongest swimmer.  Plan a route at the start of the night. If your walk home takes you past water could you take an alternative route or get a taxi.  If you would like more information on how to keep you and your friends safe and what to do should you see somebody in trouble go to our website.

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