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Noise and Parties

Living next door to noisy neighbours can be a real nightmare. It can affect your sleep pattern and your general well being. Treat your neighbours as you would like them to treat you. Don't forget you are sharing a wall with your neighbour and they may have coursework to do, children to get to sleep or work the next day.

  • If you are having a party check your housing contract- some prohibit house parties
  • If you are having a party consider venues other than your house such as a local bar
  • If you do have a house party tell your neighbours in advance. Agree a time for the party to finish and stick to it. Why not invite your neighbours to come?
  • Give your neighbours a mobile contact so they can get hold of you if there is a problem.
  • Respond to any reasonable requests made by your neighbours to keep the noise down.
  • Don't have speakers against the walls, and keep the bass down.
  • Keep windows and doors closed to stop noise travelling.
  • Don't forget you are responsible for your guests behaviour. Make sure they enter and leave quietly.
  • Keep the noise down when you are returning from nights out. Close car doors quietly.

If you are affected by noise knock on your neighbours door and polietly bring the problem to their attention. They may be unaware that they have caused a problem. If this doesn't work you can contact the Council.

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