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Waste and Recycling

Living in private accommodation?

If you live in a private rented house in Bath and North East Somerset the Council currently collect your rubbish and recycling every week. This is until 6 November 2017 when the collections are changing.

The Council website below will provide all of the information you need to put your rubbish out and recycle as much as you can. 



From 6 November the Council is changing the way they collect rubbish and recycling from private rented housing in Bath and North East Somerset. Most households will receive a wheeled bin for a rubbish collection every other week.


It is essential that you recycle everything you can to make space in your bin. The link below will provide you with information about the new service

In shared houses, rubbish accumulates very quickly, and it is not nice to let it build up. The best way to stop this is to recycle as much as you can. The Council collect 17 different materials each week from your home. You can order more recycling containers on line here:

If you have more rubbish than will fit into your bin you can take extra rubbish down to the local recycling centre for free (at Midland Road, next to Argos on the Upper Bristol Road in Bath) – just make sure you take your student ID along with you.

 If waste is not dealt with properly, you are at risk of getting pests and infestations in your property. You can also be fined for not putting your rubbish and recycling properly.

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